Sports Mouthguards

Do you play sports or have an athlete in your life? We can help protect your teeth while you play! At Philadelphia Dental Smiles, we offer custom-fitted sports mouthguards to prevent sports-related mouth injuries.

Your Teeth Are At Risk During Sports

When you play sports, your teeth are at risk! If those sports are high-contact, your risk greatens even further.

One wrong hit to the mouth or jaw can cause minor to serious injuries. These injuries can affect the structural integrity of your teeth.

The 3 main types of dental injuries that can occur are:

  1. Fractures: Part of the tooth or root was broken or chipped off
  2. Avulsion: The entire tooth and root were knocked out
  3. Luxation: The tooth remains in the socket but its position has been displaced

Philadelphia Dental Smiles Helps Protect Your Teeth

We understand how important it is to protect your teeth during sports. That why we offer sports mouthguards that are designed to protect not just your teeth but your mouth and gums as well! Our sports mouthguards are custom-made to fit your exact teeth and mouth shape. This provides a more secure fit that is sure to stay on while you move and run around.

The Benefits of Wearing a Sports Mouthguard

  • A sports mouthguard does more than just protect your teeth. It can also help to:
  • Prevent bruising and cuts inside the mouth
  • Protect the lower jaw from injury or dislocation
  • Keep the upper and lower teeth separated to prevent grinding or clenching
  • Prevent against neck injuries
  • Provide cushioning that protects the brain during impacts

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