Intraoral Camera: You Can See What We See!

Ever wonder how dentists examine the inside of your mouth? At Philadelphia Dental Smiles, we use innovative technologies for our mouth exams, such as the intraoral camera!

What is an Intraoral Camera?

Intraoral cameras are highly useful pieces of equipment used within the dental industry. They help dentists to provide more thorough and specialized exams! An intraoral camera is a small device, usually shaped like a pen, that is used to film the inside of the mouth in high detail. It includes a light that helps illuminate the interior of the mouth.

Some patients feel anxiety over having devices in their mouths. We work to ensure our patients feel comfortable and secure! The intraoral camera causes no pain and helps us to get a better view of what we are working with.

What Can An Intraoral Camera Detect?

The intraoral camera can detect many conditions and problems including:

  • Cavities and broken fillings
  • Small cracks or fractures in the teeth
  • Deep discolorations
  • Lesions, sores, or other wounds on the gums
  • Signs of gum disease and oral cancer
  • Plaque deposits on the teeth.

Next time you’re in, and if we’re explaining a more-complex situation involving tooth or gum damage or disease, we can should you exactly what we see with this marvelous tool!