Maintain A Healthy Smile With Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is more than just an unsightly bother. If left untreated, it can cause severe health conditions in your mouth that affect the rest of your body. At Philadelphia Dental Smiles in Philadelphia, we strive to provide gum disease treatments that help you get your dental health back on track.

What causes gum disease?

Periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease, results when the gums become infected.

The most common cause of gum disease is poor dental hygiene. Failing to receive regular cleanings, poor brushing habits, and not flossing are significant contributors. When your teeth are not properly cleaned, plaque builds up on the outer surface of the teeth. This plaque is formed from bacteria and can harden when not removed immediately. This results in your gums becoming infected over time.

What are the symptoms of gum disease?

The most common symptoms of gum disease are swollen, tender, and bleeding gums. Persistent bad breath and loose teeth that make it painful to chew your food may also be symptoms of gum disease.

What is involved in gum disease treatment?

When you come in for a consultation, we will assess your gums and determine the best treatment plan for your needs. Scaling and root planing are often recommended treatments. Antibiotics may be prescribed to treat the infection.  If health concerns arise, we can intervene early to prevent further damage or decay.

Your oral and overall health is our prime concern at Philadelphia Dental Smiles. If you experience any symptoms of gum disease, call us today to book a consultation. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is here to help you regain a radiant, healthy smile!

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  • Prevent the spread of infection
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