Teeth Whitening

We all wish for a pearly white smile. With Philadelphia Dental Smiles’ teeth whitening solutions, you can get one step closer to your dream teeth!

Causes of Dental Discolorations

Understanding what is causing your teeth to become discolored is key. Teeth can become discolored in several ways, including:

  • Eating dyed or highly pigmented foods
  • Drinking coffee or wine regularly
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Tobacco use
  • Certain medications
  • Disease

Philadelphia Dental Smiles Provides Smile Options!

At Philadelphia Dental Smiles, we understand that every person’s teeth are different. That’s why we offer two different options for teeth whitening! Our options are in-office laser treatment or take-home whitening kits.

  1. In-Office Laser Treatment – For in-office laser treatments, we use a special gel that is activated under the light of the laser. This provides deep and even cleanings. The main benefit of having your teeth whitened in-office is that our dental team will handle the application process for you.
  2. Opalescence Go Take-Home Whitening – We provide Opalescence Go for patients’ take-home whitening solutions. These easy-to-use whitening trays are pre-filled with a dentist-grade formula! With this solution, there are no impressions or molds required.

Interested in brightening up your smile? In literally minutes or days, it’s possible. The choice is yours. Call us today!